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Commission on Preparation for Ministry

Becoming a Teaching Elder/Minister of Word and Sacrament in the PC(U.S.A) is a discernment process between the individual, the Session of their church, and the Commission on Preparation for Ministry. If you would like to begin the process, contact Stated Clerk for Administration, Ally Lee at before filling out any forms.

Below you will find links to important information for the process, and please confirm your next steps with your Commission on Preparation for Ministry liaison.

Outline of CPM Process 2021
Intern Guidelines San Gabriel Presbytery November 2020
San Gabriel Presbytery CPM Handbook Supplement


Before you fill out any forms, contact Stated Clerk for Administration, Ally Lee at All appointments with CPM are scheduled with Rev. Ally Lee.

In addition to the enrollment forms below, you will need to submit official transcripts from all completed post secondary education and unofficial transcripts from graduate work in process. The CPM also requires a psychological evaluation completed by a therapist from our approved list. The cost of this evaluation is divided in thirds with one third paid by the individual, one third paid by the church, and one third paid by the Presbytery.

The applicant is not enrolled as an Inquirer until after the Session has recommended them, the CPM has recommended them, and the Presbytery enrolls them at a Presbytery meeting.

Enrollment Forms
Form 1A Application to be enrolled as an Inquirer
Form 1B Questions for Reflection
Form 1C Financial Planning for Theological Education
Form 1D Session Evaluation and Recommendation
Form 2A Report of Consultation Regarding Application
Form 2B Covenant Agreement and Inquirer Release

Annual Consultation
Form 3 Pre-consultation on Development Areas
Form 4 Agreement of Future Work Areas

Application to be Received as a Candidate

In addition to the following forms, you will need to compose a one page statement of call. Details about this statement can be found on the Outline of Process document above.

Form 5A Application to be Received as a Candidate
Form 5B Session Recommendation (note: Form 5B requires a letter from the moderator of Session explaining the rationale for the Session’s action.)
An applicant to be received as a Candidate will be recommended by their Session, interviewed by CPM, and examined by Presbytery.
Form 5C Report of Consultation
Form 5D Covenant Agreement an Candidate Release

Self-Development of People