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New Beginnings Presentation

New Beginnings Presentation

Young Adult Volunteer – Emma Randles

Our YAAD Emma Randles of Claremont Presbyterian Church,  is following up her service as a YAAD by starting a year as a YAV—Young Adult Volunteer.  She will be working in Austin, Texas, starting this fall, working with Grassroots Leadership, a non-profit working to confront the for-profit prison industry.  If you want to follow Emma’s work, you can read her blog at http://emmayavsaustin.wordpress.com/.  And if you want to contribute to her work, you can do so on-line via http://www.presbyterianmission.org/donate/E052126 or contact her directly through her blog.

221 General Assembly Presentation, Summary, FAQ’s and Other Resources

San Gab Preso-GA221 (2)

General Assembly Presentation

221st General Assembly in Brief

221 General Assembly Middle East Summary & Frequently Asked Questions

PC(USA) Leadership Letter on Marriage

Frequently Asked Questions on Same Gender Marriage

Frequently Asked Questions on Same Gender Marriage – Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions on Same Gender Marriage – Korean


BOP Regional Consultation Wrap-UP

BoP Wrap up

Shared Mission Budget Video