Update on Monte Vista Grove Homes’ Renovation:

by | Dec 12, 2022

Monte Vista Grove Homes, a retirement center in Pasadena, primarily for Presbyterian pastors and their spouses, has certainly been impacted by the Covid 19 virus pandemic since early 2020, but it has used this COVID time as a learning experience for the future of its residents. Plans went into motion at the beginning of this year to renovate the Dining Room and the Commons’ Fireplace Room   to meet the future needs of its residents requiring a more open floor plan. Additional areas of floor tile containing asbestos were found immediately. Therefore, a much larger portion of the building would need to be included in the renovation.

As the prolonged isolation broke, the residents were able to begin meeting again for their mid- day meal in Marwick Hall which has been set up for mealtime instead of large meetings. What a boon to the spirits of residents as they have been able to socialize again! Various classes and social groups began meeting again, as well. I am sure we all are now aware of the negative impact of extended isolation by now. It has been so inspiring to see how the faith of these wonderful residents has fortified them against the rigors of the isolation they went through and how they supported each other and looked out for each other then and now.

COVID-19 has prompted many changes over these last couple of years, and now the changes are still coming, but they are wonderful changes. MVGH has been hit, like everybody else, by difficulties in the supply chain and delays in permit application processing. The new Dining Hall and Commons area was originally planned to open sometime in October 2022. We are finally looking at a tentative opening date of January 11, 2023. We are presently still bound by Los Angeles and Pasadena Health Department rules and regulations in only allowing residents to eat in the dining area, but we are certainly hoping that things will change by January to allow visitors to join us in our new Dining Room and Commons area.

Time will tell on that one. But this is marvelous news! The residents are very excited as they wait with bated breath for this to happen. Included in this renovation is an outside patio dining area which did not previously exist.

Covid prompted the desire to give open-air eating areas with patio heaters for the winter months to allow for distance eating – something we had never thought about before.

I have included some pictures of the work in progress to give you an idea of the future. Pictures include looking at the patio renovation going on right now, as well as some of the inner dining room areas. The serving area includes new health protection for both residents and servers. The actual chairs and tables are due to arrive sometime this week – sorry no pictures on that.

Other renovations will continue areas of the property in an effort to extend outside socialization. That will begin after the Dining Room has been completed and is open for business. The Dining Room is a priority as the loss of most of that Common space has really had an impact. This means a return to business as usual, but a NEW business as usual, as so many things will never go back to just the way it was, but possibly a new and better way.

Diane M. Frasher, Chaplain