Monday Morning Reflections

Pentecost and Peace

Some of you may know that I argued long and hard with God before becoming ordained. Among the countless (and I mean countless) reasons I should not be a pastor was my intense stage fright. Even during seminary, my voice would shake if the Scripture passage I was to...

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Reflecting on Our Mission’s Relevance

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a summary of the April 21 Presbytery meeting, and I mentioned the approach now being taken by the Vision and Strategy Team (VST). As a new committee, VST felt the need to develop a stronger shared understanding of their role in the life...

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Naboth’s Vineyard

I don't know if many of you know the story of Naboth's vineyard (1 Kings 21); I can't remember ever hearing a sermon on it in any Presbyterian church. It is the scriptural basis for Queen Liliuokalani's appeal to the American people to restore the Kingdom of Hawaii....

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Becoming More Faithful Servants

This weekend we had a Presbytery meeting at Claremont Presbyterian Church, and we thank them for their warm welcome. The meeting did not have big surprises or conflicts, but we confirmed several transitions that have been discussed: --we officially approved the sale...

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Caretakers of Creation

Last week I wrote about the vastness of Creation, and how we are but a small part of it. (Those who need a reminder can go to Google and type in "milky way you are here" and you'll find many images illustrating this fact.) Since then-even looking at this lectionary...

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Partners in Creation

I am a "cradle Presbyterian," meaning I was born and raised in this church. Because my grandfather and two uncles were Presbyterian pastors who held leadership positions in the church and the community at large, because my father was a perennial Presbytery...

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Happy Easter!

I pray that you had a promise-filling and inspiring Resurrection Day. In fact, I had a full and meaningful Holy Week, and hope you did too. I witnessed churches trying new ways of experiencing Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I went to a sunrise service on Easter...

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God Defies Expectations

We have just begun Holy Week, that long walk from the shouts of praise and adoration at the entrance of Jerusalem that will land us, in just a few short days, squarely at the foot of the cross. Yesterday we celebrated – we raised our palm branches high and shouted our...

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Statistical Reporting

The Statistical Reporting Season for the winter of 2017/2018 has come to an end. I am sure all the Clerks of Session are sighing with relief! This period of time requires a lot of work on the part of the Clerk of Session. I am very thankful that we have such wonderful...

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Wendy S. Tajima
Executive Presbyter

Wendy has a creative, spiritual and prophetic way of seeing the world that offers deep insights for practical living. She believes the Church is renewed from the edges, not the center, when those who’ve been marginalized are embraced.