An All-Presbytery Work Day will be held Saturday, June 17.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate — not only church members, elders, deacons, and pastors, but those who might never have attended a Presbyterian Church or visited a Presbytery meeting before.    The workday will begin with a gathering at 9 am at San Marino Community Church.  We will take care of a few brief items of Presbytery business, worship together, and head out in various teams to help at a number of churches and mission projects in our Presbytery.  There are 10 different sites to choose from, each one connected to needs in one of our local congregations or mission sites.  There are jobs for all different physical ability levels, and no skills or special training is required. 

  In order to participate in the work day and to receive a lunch, you must sign up in advance, and by June 10th at the latest.,  

To sign-up simply click:

 and write in your name under the work site of your choice. 

 We will be joined on this work day by our Tapestry Youth Program participants as part of their annual Middle School Mission Week. 

As mentioned above, you do not need to be an Elder Commissioner to Presbytery in order to participate; all are welcome. Please join us for worship at 9:45. 

Our offering collected during the worship service the morning of June 17th will help support Tapestry activities