Monday Morning Reflections

Hands Held High

I have noticed that we are in an exciting season, as churches are making significant decisions that will impact their ministry into the future. As they consider new journeys into an unknown future, I am reminded of the Exodus. I lift up to you the little story of how...

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Our First Time

This last Saturday we tried something different for our Presbytery meeting-we held our first annual All-Presbytery Work Day. I say first annual because prior to the event, some of us were bracing ourselves for whatever would happen, as signups were slow and the...

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Loss of Innocence

One year ago, many of us woke up and got ready for church. A few of us heard at church that there had been a mass murder in Florida, at the Pulse nightclub. It was the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history. The tragedy highlighted the brokenness...

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A Part of Creation

I think some of the most beautiful and evocative passages in the Bible are contained in Romans 8. I remember a teacher suggesting that this passage points to the Fall, when not only humanity but all of Creation was broken, so we humans are not alone in yearning for...

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I Can Do All Things

When I read the Bible, I often consider it to be the story of God's relationship with God's people, and I consider these people to be our ancestors in faith. Likewise, there are countless individuals whose lives reflect and inform our identity as Presbyterians. Who do...

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Wendy S. Tajima
Executive Presbyter

Wendy has a creative, spiritual and prophetic way of seeing the world that offers deep insights for practical living. She believes the Church is renewed from the edges, not the center, when those who’ve been marginalized are embraced.